Entitled | Can buy any property.

Licensed | Can buy any property (apart from first-time buyer restricted) in their own name if they keep their 'licensed' status.

Entitled for work | Can buy property jointly with an 'entitled' spouse/civil partner.

Registered | Can buy ‘registered’ property as a main place of residence.

21E | (see high residency tab).


If you will be obtaining a mortgage, speak to mortgage broker/lender at the start to establish how much in principal you can borrow/offer.

Knight Frank Finance would be happy to discuss to find the most suitable mortgage for you. Please speak to our negotiators who will put you in touch with the best contact.


Ensure your offer is fully transparent, your position is relayed correctly and any subjects explained clearly to the negotiator.


IF LENDING – Inform your lender as soon as agreed to start progressing.

COMPLETION DATE - Usually completion is 5-6 weeks to allow time to get your mortgage in place and for conveyancing to be carried out. Discuss vacant possession, usually within 24 hours of completion (our negotiators will liaise to suit a time for both vendor and purchaser).

SURVEY – Instruct a surveyor to carry out the valuation/survey as soon as possible. If lending, once mortgage is approved. (Your bank may arrange for you but please check this is the case). Select the survey to suit your needs either a valuation, home buyers report or full structural survey.

CONVEYANCING – Instruct conveyancer/solicitor to carry out title checks etc as soon as possible to avoid delays.

COMPLETION – Completion will take place in the Royal Court on Friday for any Freehold & Flying Freehold properties. Share Transfer can complete any day of the week as you are not required to attend the Royal Court.