New Government guidelines have been released permitting us to now hold viewings on all occupied and vacant properties, following strict conditions at all times.

Please find below the link to with the details, along with the extract regarding property viewings.  

All applicants wishing to view properties will also have to adhere to strict guidelines set out to them before any physical viewing takes place. Please let us know if you wish to have sight of this disclaimer that will be sent to each applicant who requests a property viewing.

Property viewings for the purposes of property sales or rentals

Under the Safe Exit Level 3 Policy in order to enable the purchasing, sale and rental of properties Estate Agents, Property Management Companies and Surveyors are now able to carry out property viewings for the purposes of property sales or rentals.

This guidance sets out ways in which such businesses can operate whilst reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19. 

Property viewings, valuations and rental inspections

When planning and carrying out property viewings, valuations or rental inspections the following conditions should be met.

Prior to visiting the property:

the prospective customer should pre-register with the business providing all contact details
all relevant parties (agent, property owner, property occupier, purchaser, surveyor etc) should provide a declaration to the business that they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19
the property visit cannot be carried out if any property occupier is isolating either because they have COVID-19, are symptomatic, or are shielding because they are severely vulnerable to COVID-19. The business is responsible for confirming this prior to the property visit
all property visits should be carried out at an appointed time by one business representative only
businesses should hold a log of all property visits undertaken
not more than one agent and two vendors or purchasers (adults only) will be present at any one property visit
the viewing will be deemed to be part of the customer’s permitted time outside the house and the total permitted contacts from outside their household in line with the Government of Jersey guidance
viewings should be undertaken at an empty property wherever possible. Where this is not possible the viewing should coincide with the usual occupant’s permitted time outside the house in line with the Government of Jersey guidance
the property owner is responsible for cleaning the premises before the visit – as a minimum this must include the cleaning of surfaces that are regularly touched, and those which the agent will have to touch, such as door handles and light switches
the property owner should open all appropriate doors and cupboards prior to the viewing
paper copies of the property details should not be supplied to potential purchasers

During the property visit

All necessary precautions should be taken during the viewing including:

maintaining a physical distance of 2 metres with those outside your household at all times
sanitising hands on arrival and departure, with the business responsible for providing hand sanitiser at the entrance to the property
customers should be advised not to touch anything
the business’s representative should wear gloves and try to ensure that only they touch surfaces, including door handles and light switches
the business’s representative should clean anything that it has been necessary to touch with disinfectant wipes as they move around the property
viewings should be no more than twenty minutes
wearing of cloth face masks is encouraged

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that their customers are made aware of the above conditions and that they adhere to them.